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The 100 Plus Maths Multicentre is a versatile and innovative piece of hands-on maths equipment, ideal for teachers looking to enhance their mathematics instruction. Known for its adaptability, this resource is considered the ultimate tool for exploring a wide range of mathematical concepts through interactive and engaging methods.

Key Features

  • Versatile Number Configurations: The 100 Plus can be easily changed from one number square to another in seconds. By turning the individual rods, each of the 4 colour-coded faces can be locked at 90-degree intervals, allowing for quick transitions through 360 degrees.
  • Independent Rod Movement: Each of the 132 blocks can slide, rotate, and lock independently, enabling dynamic grouping or splitting of numbers. The blocks can also be blanked using the Abacus face for various activities.
  • Multiple Number Configurations: Supports more than 10 different standard number configurations, including:
    • 0 to 99
    • 1 to 100
    • 0 to 119
    • 1 to 120
    • 99 to minus 20
    • 100 to minus 19
    • Multiplication
    • Abacus

Educational Uses

  • Arithmetic Operations: Division, addition, subtraction, and multiplication.
  • Number Bonds and Patterns: Explore number bonds, patterns, and multiples.
  • Proportions and Fractions: Work with proportion, fractions, and equivalent fractions.
  • Comparisons and Percentages: Teach concepts like less than, more than, and percentages.
  • Custom Activities: Many more maths activities can be designed to suit individual learning needs.


Tom Renwick from Maths on Track shares his experience: "I meet and work with about 2000 teachers a year, and it's my job to seek out resources and techniques that work well for numeracy. The 100+ board is perhaps the best thing I've come across in helping children 'map with numbers', and have now worked in over 100 schools with this board, training teachers on its uses by visiting each class and working with the children in situ."

He adds: "Kids really go for the idea that if they have this board in their 'heads' then they will be good with numbers - they see this as being manageable and attainable. After 40 minutes of number pattern activities and associated sums, you can see them waking up to the idea that numbers aren't that difficult after all. 'Mapping with numbers' makes sense, and after all, the password for maths is pattern."

Product Information

  • Construction: Made from durable plastic and aluminium.
  • Dimensions: 86.5 x 81 x 24 cm.
  • Age Suitability: Suitable for children aged 5 and above.


The 100 Plus Maths Multicentre is an outstanding educational tool that offers endless possibilities for teaching and learning maths. Its ability to adapt to various number configurations and the independent movement of its blocks make it an invaluable resource for any classroom. Engage students in active learning and help them develop a solid understanding of mathematical concepts through hands-on exploration and interactive play.

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