16 Domed Mirror Panel

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The 16 Domed Mirror Panel is an innovative educational resource, skillfully crafted from scratch-resistant acrylic to ensure durability and safety for children in both classroom and nursery settings. This panel features 16 convex domes that invite children to engage in a unique and intriguing exploration of reflection, providing a distorted yet fascinating view of their surroundings.

16 Domed Mirror panel Features and Benefits:

  • Safe and Durable Construction: Made from acrylic that is resistant to scratches, these mirror panels are designed to withstand the curiosity and enthusiasm of young learners, making them a lasting addition to any educational setting.
  • Engaging Sensory Experience: The convex domes create fun and distorted reflections that captivate children's attention, encouraging them to explore and understand the world around them through observation.
  • Versatile Installation: Equipped with sticky pads and corner fixing brackets, the panel can be easily attached to any flat surface, offering flexibility in positioning. It can be installed both indoors and outdoors, expanding the environment for sensory exploration.
  • Supports Educational Learning Areas: The domed mirror panel is not just a playful resource but also a valuable educational tool that supports key areas of learning:
    • Understanding the World - Observation: It encourages children to observe themselves and their environment from different perspectives, fostering curiosity and exploration.
    • Personal Development - Self-awareness: By engaging with their reflections, children develop self-awareness and a sense of self, which are crucial aspects of personal development.
    • Enabling Environment - Practical Resources: This mirror panel serves as a practical resource that enhances the learning environment, providing a unique tool for sensory exploration and learning.

16 Domed Mirror panel Product Specifications:

  • Dimensions: 490mm², offering ample space for multiple children to engage with the mirror simultaneously.

The 16 Domed Mirror Panel is a valuable addition to any educational environment, offering children a unique way to explore reflection, perspective, and self-awareness. Its combination of safety, educational value, and sensory stimulation makes it an ideal resource for supporting early learning goals in a fun and engaging manner.

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