2 Tray Unit With Shelves & Magnolia Trays

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The 2 Tray Unit with Shelves & Magnolia Trays is an integral part of the Solway range, offering practical and stylish storage solutions for classrooms, playrooms, and home settings. Designed with functionality and safety in mind, this unit ensures easy access to play, reading materials, and tray storage, supporting a child's development and fostering independence.

Key Features of the 2 Tray Unit with Shelves & Magnolia Trays:

  • Antibacterial MDF Construction: Built from 8mm and 15mm covered MDF that is ISO 22196 certified antibacterial, this unit provides a safe and hygienic storage solution, crucial for reducing the spread of germs in shared spaces.

  • Versatile Configuration: The unit can stand alone as a robust piece of furniture or be seamlessly integrated with other units in the Solway range for a comprehensive storage system. The included connecting bolt ensures secure and easy attachment to other units.

  • Magnolia Gratnell Cubby Trays: Featuring two Magnolia Gratnell Cubby trays known for their durability and ease of use, this unit offers versatile storage options that are easily accessible to children. The trays encourage organization and independence in managing resources.

  • Easy Assembly and Mobility: Supplied in flat-pack form with straightforward assembly instructions, the unit can be quickly set up. The inclusion of glide feet enhances its mobility, making it simple to move and rearrange as needed without damaging floor surfaces.

  • Ergonomic Design: The design focuses on being child-friendly, with components that are easily accessible and safe for children to use. It encourages children to take charge of their learning environment, promoting independence.

This 2 Tray Unit with Shelves & Magnolia Trays from the Solway range is not just a piece of furniture but a thoughtfully designed educational resource. Its durable construction, combined with the antibacterial property of the materials, ensures long-lasting use in any educational or home setting. Whether used for storing books, toys, or educational materials, this unit is an excellent investment in creating organized, safe, and conducive learning environments.

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