24 Piece Uv Sensory Hamper Kit

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Our exclusive UV Sensory Kit presents an unparalleled opportunity for sensory exploration, offering a comprehensive collection designed to enhance tactile awareness and visual stimulation. This 24-piece kit is meticulously curated to immerse users in an enchanting environment, captivating the senses with its variety of experiences.

The kit includes:

  • UV Pin Art: An interactive sculpture that leaves a glowing impression of any object pressed into it.
  • LED Foam Light: A soft, glowing foam baton that illuminates in the dark, providing a safe and mesmerizing light source.
  • UV Bubbles: Magical bubbles that glow under UV light, creating a whimsical, luminescent play experience.
  • Liquid Timer: Watch as droplets glide down in a soothing display of colour and motion under UV illumination.
  • 5 UV Materials: A selection of fabrics and materials that come to life under UV light, offering a spectrum of tactile and visual sensations.
  • 5 UV Stretchy Bracelets: Wearable, stretchable bracelets that glow, adding a fun and interactive element to sensory exploration.
  • UV Torch: The key to unlocking the full potential of the kit, this torch brings each item to glowing life.
  • 4 UV Puffer Toys: Soft, squeezable toys that provide a unique visual and tactile experience when exposed to UV light.
  • UV Reactive Putty & Slime: Mouldable, stretchable substances that change appearance under UV light, encouraging creative play.
  • 4 UV Reactive Glitter Swirl Balls: Captivating balls filled with swirling glitter that sparkles intensely under UV light.

Each component is specifically chosen for its ability to react dramatically to UV light, enhancing sensory experiences and encouraging curiosity and exploration. Perfect for use in educational settings, sensory rooms, or at home, this kit offers boundless opportunities for engaging play and learning, making it a must-have for anyone looking to delve into the fascinating world of UV sensory exploration.

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