24 Quiot Essential Bag Pack

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The 24 Quiot Essential Bag Pack is a comprehensive set of this beloved playtime accessory. Telephone wire quoits offer a unique tactile experience, allowing them to be twisted and pulled without concern for breakage. Widely favored among nurseries, playgroups, special needs classes, and primary schools.

24 Quiot Essential Bag Pack Features:

  • Quantity: Includes 24 tele quoits, ensuring an ample supply for group activities and play sessions.
  • Convenient Storage: Supplied in a storage bag for easy organization and transport.
  • Safety: Phthalates free for peace of mind during play.
  • Quality Assurance: Manufactured in the UK to uphold quality standards and durability.

The 24 Quiot Essential Bag Pack offers a diverse mix of Rubber Quoits and Telephone Wire Quoits, providing versatility in play and exploration. Packaged in a bag for convenient storage and transportation, this bumper pack is ideal for various educational and recreational settings.

Educational Benefits:

  • Tactile Sensation: Children engage in sensory exploration, experiencing different textures and materials.
  • Hand-Eye Coordination: Activities involving quoits promote hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills development.
  • Social Interaction: Group play encourages collaboration, communication, and social skills development.

Usage: Ideal for structured playtime, educational activities, and recreational use, the 24 Quiot Essential Bag Pack fosters creativity, cooperation, and physical development in children of all ages.

Note: Set includes a mix of Rubber Quoits and Telephone Wire Quoits in assorted colours, offering a dynamic and engaging play experience for children.

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