2M Ribbon Rainbow Streamer

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The 2m Ribbon Rainbow Streamer offers a vibrant and dynamic way to engage in movement and play.Enormous loops, twists, and turns come to life with this brightly coloured Rainbow Streamer.
The Ribbon Rainbow Streamer features an adjustable control cord on the handle, allowing for the manipulation of swirls to be customized mid-flight. By moving your hand side to side in large or small movements, you can create different visual effects: large movements produce long, swirling patterns resembling a snake, while small movements create squiggly shapes.

2m Ribbon Rainbow Streamer Features:

  • Gross Motor Skill Development: The Rainbow Streamer provides excellent exercise for gross motor skills, encouraging children to engage in dynamic movement patterns.
  • Multi-Coloured Ribbon: Featuring a vibrant array of colours, the ribbon creates eye-catching patterns in the air, enhancing visual stimulation and creativity.
  • Adjustable Length: The adjustable control cord enables users to control the length of the ribbon streamer, allowing for varied play experiences.
  • Versatile Use: Suitable for activities such as dance, gymnastics, and imaginative play, the Rainbow Streamer offers endless possibilities for creative expression and physical activity.
  • Specifications: The length of the wand is 30cm, with a 2m ribbon attached, making it suitable for users aged 5 years and older.

Unleash creativity, movement, and fun with the 2m Ribbon Rainbow Streamer, an engaging tool for active play and expression.

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