3 Pack Large Flower Mirrors

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The Large Flower Mirrors present a delightful and innovative way to enhance spaces both outdoors and indoors, fostering a unique opportunity for self-discovery and recognition. These mirrors are crafted from 2mm polystyrene, a material chosen for its shatterproof qualities and flexibility, ensuring both safety and durability in a variety of settings.

Designed to captivate and engage, the Large Flower Mirrors feature a playful floral shape that can brighten any garden, classroom, or indoor play area. Their reflective surfaces invite children to explore their reflections, promoting an understanding of self-awareness and identity in a gentle and interactive manner.

Beyond their functional benefits, these mirrors serve as a vibrant addition to any learning environment or home sensory den. They contribute to creating an immersive sensory experience, encouraging curiosity, and enhancing cognitive development through visual stimulation. Whether used as a focal point in a sensory garden or as an engaging feature in a classroom or playroom, the Large Flower Mirrors are a versatile and valuable tool in supporting early development and learning.

  • Dimensions: 300 x 300mm (Each) Set of 3 mirrors

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