4 Pack Circular Chalkboards

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Add a touch of creativity to your outdoor play areas with the 4 Pack Circular Chalkboards. These delightful chalkboards are not only practical but also serve as perfect focal points for children to unleash their artistic talents.
Encourage mark-making and creative expression with these circular chalkboards. Children can use regular chalk or chalk pens (not included) to create vibrant designs, draw imaginative pictures, or even practice writing.
With four chalkboards in the pack, multiple children can engage in experimental art play simultaneously, fostering cooperation and collaboration.

Designed with convenience in mind, these circular chalkboards come with pre-drilled holes, making it easy to fix them to the wall in any desired position. Whether you want to create an outdoor art gallery or simply add an interactive element to your play area, these chalkboards can be easily secured for long-lasting enjoyment.

Made from high-quality materials, these chalkboards are durable and can withstand outdoor conditions while still maintaining their usability.
The circular shape adds a touch of elegance and uniqueness to your play area, enhancing the visual appeal and capturing children's attention.

These versatile chalkboards are not only suitable for play areas but can also be used in educational settings. Teachers can incorporate them into outdoor lessons, allowing children to engage in hands-on learning and interactive activities. Whether it's practicing letter formation, solving math equations, or exploring scientific concepts, these chalkboards open up endless possibilities for creative and engaging lessons.

Bring out the artist in every child with the 4 Pack Circular Chalkboards. Watch as they express their imagination, develop fine motor skills, and learn through interactive play. Whether mounted on a wall or used as standalone creative stations, these chalkboards will surely become a favorite among children, providing hours of artistic fun.

  • Suitable for Indoor/outdoor use.
  • Use the Circular Chalkboards to create themed/zoned/role play areas, explore Maths or Literacy outdoors, create signs around your outdoor area, create signs inside around the school building or write important notices for the day to parents
  • Wipe clean and weatherproof Creates an inviting writing space
  • Attach to walls or fencing
  • Includes: 4 chalkboards
  • Made from 6mm thick MDF.

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