4 Pack Eva Playmats 60Cm X 60Cm

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The 4 Piece EVA Play Mat provides a vibrant and secure area for children to engage in outdoor activities, sporting fun, or even a little rough-and-tumble play. Crafted from soft, supportive EVA foam, this play mat ensures a cushioned surface that minimizes the risk of bumps and bruises, making it a safe choice for energetic playtimes.

Key Features of the 4 Piece EVA Play Mat:

  • Bright, Assorted Colours: Each piece of the play mat comes in a different, eye-catching colour. Not only does this add a cheerful and lively vibe to play areas, but it also appeals to children's love for vibrant hues.
  • Puzzle-Like Assembly: Designed with interlocking edges, the play mat pieces fit together like a puzzle. This unique feature can turn setting up the mat into a fun and engaging activity, encouraging children to match the pieces together, thereby enhancing their problem-solving skills and spatial awareness.
  • Specification Details:
    • Width & Depth: Each square piece measures 60cm by 60cm, providing ample coverage and flexibility in configuring the play area's size and shape.
    • Height: With a thickness of 4cm, the mat offers a substantial cushioning effect, ideal for absorbing impacts and providing a soft landing for falls.
    • Weight: The entire set weighs 886g, making it lightweight enough to be easily transported or rearranged by adults.
    • Material: Made from EVA foam, known for its durability and cushioning properties, ensuring a comfortable and safe play surface that can withstand regular use.

Perfect for gardens, patios, or any outdoor setting where children play, the 4 Piece EVA Play Mat is an excellent investment for parents and caregivers looking for a blend of safety, educational value, and fun in children's play equipment. Its ease of assembly and maintenance, combined with its protective and educational benefits, make it an ideal choice for creating a child-friendly outdoor play space.

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