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The Sensory Feely Bags set offers a unique and engaging way for children to delve into sensory exploration, enhancing their tactile experiences through play. This set, specifically designed to stimulate the senses, includes four feely bags, each containing a "hidden gem" that provides a distinct sensory experience. By reaching into the bags, children can explore and identify the different textures and objects solely through touch, promoting sensory development, fine motor skills, and cognitive growth.

Key Features of the Sensory Feely Bags:

  • Tactile Exploration: The bags are crafted with a variety of textures, encouraging children to use their sense of touch to explore and discover the contents within. This tactile exploration aids in developing sensory awareness and discrimination skills.
  • Hidden Gems Inside: Each bag contains a unique item, or "hidden gem," that children can find and identify. This element of surprise and discovery adds excitement to the sensory exploration, making learning through play both fun and rewarding.
  • Flexible Learning Resource: The Sensory Feely Bags are versatile in their use, suitable for a wide range of activities from simple sensory exploration to more structured learning tasks, such as matching or identifying objects without visual cues.
  • Educational Benefits: Playing with the feely bags can support various areas of learning, including physical development (fine motor skills), sensory stimulation, and cognitive development (problem-solving and language skills as children describe their tactile experiences).
  • Popular Sensory Resource: Given their tactile benefits and the unique sensory experiences they provide, these feely bags are a favored resource among educators, therapists, and parents aiming to enrich a child’s sensory environment.

Designed for young children but suitable for all ages, the Sensory Feely Bags not only offer a fun and interactive way to explore the sense of touch but also serve as an invaluable tool for sensory development. Whether used in a classroom, at home, or in a therapeutic setting, this set promises to be a cherished resource that sparks curiosity and enhances learning through sensory play.

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