4 Pack Uv Sensory Bracelets

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The Stretchy UV Bracelets offer a captivating and engaging way for children to delve into sensory exploration, especially in dark environments where their unique properties shine the brightest. Perfect for UV exploratory play, these bracelets illuminate under UV light, transforming into bright, glowing accessories that add a visual dimension to sensory sessions.

Key Features of the Stretchy UV Bracelets:

  • Versatility in Use: Designed to be worn on the wrist or ankle, these stretchy bracelets can also be creatively used in play by stretching them between objects, such as small poles, to create visually stimulating setups.
  • Enhanced Sensory Play: Exposure to UV light increases the brilliance of the bracelets, making them an excellent tool for sensory play in the dark. Their glowing effect under UV light can captivate children's attention, enhancing visual sensory experiences.
  • Tactile Resource: Beyond their visual appeal, these UV sensory bracelets serve as a fantastic tactile resource. Their stretchy texture and the sensation of the bracelets expanding and contracting can provide a satisfying tactile experience for children who love to fidget and explore through touch.
  • Specifications:
    • Diameter: Each bracelet has a diameter of 10/12 cm, making them suitable for most children to wear comfortably on their wrists or ankles.
    • Colours: Available in a variety of colours, which may vary subject to stock availability. This assortment allows for a colourful and diverse sensory experience.

These UV sensory bracelets are not only fun and colourful but also serve as an engaging sensory tool, ideal for children who benefit from tactile and visual stimulation. Whether used in a sensory room, as part of a play activity, or simply as a wearable accessory during UV play, these bracelets are sure to be a hit, offering endless possibilities for creative and sensory-rich play.

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