6 Pack Balance Riverstones Stepping Stones

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Introducing the incredible River Stones Balancing Toy, the ultimate tool to help children enhance their coordination skills! Inspired by the stepping stones found in a mesmerizing river, these stones feature varying levels of difficulty and steepness, making it an exciting challenge for young adventurers. The objective is simple - jump from stone to stone without touching the ground!

But that's not all, these ingenious River Stones also give you the freedom to customize the layout, allowing you to create endless, more challenging paths for your little ones to conquer. With each stone equipped with rubber studs on the base, slipping is no longer an issue, ensuring their safety and protecting your precious indoor floors.

Not only does the River Stones Balancing Toy provide an exhilarating experience, but it also builds children's confidence. By encouraging them to jump, judge distances, coordinate their movements, and maintain balance, this mesmerizing toy helps children develop essential motor skills. Watch as your child's confidence soars as they conquer new challenges with ease.

Invest in the River Stones Balancing Toy today and witness your child's coordination skills soar to new heights. Get ready for endless hours of excitement, growth, and fun!
  • Set of 6 Stones:
  • 3 big stones: 360x360x360 mm – H: 85mm
  • 3 small stones: 250x250x250 mm – H: 45 mm

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