6 Pack Easy Grip Balls

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The Easy Grip Balls pack offers a delightful assortment of six textured sensory balls, each designed to enhance tactile experiences and fine motor skills among young children. Measuring 11cm in diameter, these balls are perfectly sized for little hands to hold, grip, and explore. The distinctive hedgehog ball texture, with its knobbly bumps, not only captivates the curiosity of children but also provides a unique soft touch that is different from traditional smooth balls.

Key Features of the Easy Grip Balls:

  • Textured Surface: Each ball is covered in little knobbly bumps, creating a soft and intriguing texture that encourages exploration and sensory play. This texture aids in the development of touch sensitivity and is perfect for teaching children about different tactile sensations.
  • Enhanced Grip: The design of the Easy Grip Balls makes them easier for small hands to hold and manipulate. This fosters the development of grip and fine motor skills as children play with and explore the balls.
  • Versatile Use: Ideal for both indoor and outdoor activities, these balls are a fantastic addition to any sensory play area, classroom, or home environment. They provide tactile stimulation and encourage active play in various settings.
  • Colourful Assortment: Supplied in six bright, basic colours, the Easy Grip Balls are visually stimulating, making them appealing to children and aiding in colour recognition skills.
  • Durable and Safe: With a diameter of 110mm, these balls are robust enough for enthusiastic play while being safe for children to use. The materials used are child-friendly and durable, ensuring that the balls can withstand repeated use.

Suitable for children of all ages, the Easy Grip Balls set is an excellent resource for parents, educators, and therapists looking to enrich the sensory environment for their children or students. Whether used in structured sensory activities, free play, or as part of a physical education curriculum, these balls offer endless possibilities for fun and learning, making them a must-have for any setting focused on child development.

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