6 Pack Of Step A Logs

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This set of 6 Step a Logs provide an excellent gross motor activity where balance and direction are developed .
The Step a Logs are sturdy, flat-topped stepping logs connected with adjustable rope and a ribbed platform to prevent slipping.
Children will gain confidence and improve balance as they progress from stepping over short gaps to jumping over wider gaps.
The Step a Logs are made from strong plastic, these logs can support the weight of an adult.
Gaining confidence and a sense of achievement result from improved co-ordination, balance and correct movement.

  • Each Step a Log has a ribbed top platform to help prevent slipping.
  • The Step a Logs are connected with rope, which may be adjusted to different lengths for different combinations and degrees of difficulty.
  • Specification: Size:100 x 500 x 100mm Step a Logs

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