65Cm Therasensory Ball

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Measuring 65cm in diameter, this therapy Therasensory ball can be used for developing coordination and sensory awareness.
The Therasensory Sensory Ball is the perfect therapy ball for those who need to awaken their sensory system, and for sensory-seekers who crave additional sensory stimulation.
This eye-catching Therasensory Sensory Ball is covered with hundreds of small bumps that make regular exercise ball activities even more stimulating!
The Therasensory Sensory Ball can also be used as part of a rehabilitation or OT plan
The Therasensory ball is great for developing balance, tactile awareness and coordination Great for use indoors or out
They are also able to be inflated or deflated using a bicycle pump, so pressure can be regulated to suit individual requirements.

  • The Therasensory Sensory Ball is great for children and so tactile your child with love this.
  • This Therasensory Sensory Ball is made of durable burst-resistant vinyl.
  • Colours may vary to those shown
  • 65cm

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