8 Note Xylophone

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The 8 Note Xylophone is the perfect instrument for young children who are just beginning to explore the musical world. The xylophone features eight metal bars that are carefully mounted on a sturdy wooden frame. The metal bars are arranged in an ascending scale, making it easy for children to learn and play simple melodies.

Each metal bar is clearly marked with the note of the sound it produces when struck by one of the two wooden mallets included with the xylophone. This makes it easy for even the youngest musicians to identify and play specific notes.

Not only is the 8 Note Xylophone a great musical instrument, but it also makes a fun and engaging toy. It has a timeless look and feel that will delight children of all ages, while providing hours of fun and entertainment.

Overall, the 8 Note Xylophone is an excellent choice for parents or educators who want to introduce young children to the world of music. Its durable design, simple construction, and clear markings make it an ideal starting point that kids will love playing with.
8 Note Xylophone

  • Classic percussion instrument
  • Eight metal bars in a wooden frame
  • Two wooden hammers
  • Instrument 26.5cm long
  • 24mnth+

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