A3 Light Panel

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Our A3 Ultra Bright Light Panels use the latest low energy LED strip technology to provide a clean bright illuminated background.
The A3 Light Panel is perfect for lighting items from beneath and works well with transparent and translucent objects; these portable sensory light panels are great to investigate and explore pattern, shape, colour, opacity and transparency.
The A3 Light Panel is aesthetically pleasing with their sleek appearance.
Easily cleaned, and supplied with a low voltage power supply.

  • It’s energy efficient and has a long lasting life expectancy
  • Suitable for arts, crafts, drawing, stencilling, tattooing and photo work and comes with a lined ruler for arts and crafts work.
  • Protects your work from fading, cracking and degrading due to its zero UV emissions
  • No toxic materials and 100% recyclable
  • Protects your eyesight and prevents strain and fatigue
  • Safer than ever with a low voltage power supply
  • Does not emit heat even after long periods of time

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