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Wish your voice could be in more than one place at once? The A5 Talking Cloud will help that to be a reality.
With the capability to record up to 10 seconds of audio and the ability to write down additional notes using the dry wipe surface, the A5 Talking Cloud is a fantastic teacher companion in the classroom and beyond.
You can use the Talking Cloud to record instructions for pupils or use as a speaking and listening resource.
Pupils can easily record their own audio using the record button on the back and playback button on the front.
Leave personalised instructions for tasks and provide added support using a dry wipe pen on the surface of the Talking Card to leave additional notes.
Incorporate into intervention sessions and catch-up group activities.
  • Allow pupils to provide an audio self-assessment of their work and provide verbal feedback in return using the Talking Cloud.
  • Incorporate a fun and interesting way of approaching speaking and listening, and allow pupils the ability to re-record their answers, taking away the panic of speaking and listening tasks.
  • Replace the batteries (3 x AG13, included) easily and use the Talking Card infinitely in your classroom.
  • Reasons to Love Recordable cards promote speaking and listening skills, with an added bonus that they have a wipe clean surface, so anyone can add a drawing or a written message to enhance the task.
  • Children could leave messages about work they have completed, as a self-assessment for the teacher, or an explanation for classmates.
  • Teachers could leave instructions for an activity – and add a short note for the children to read, or a quick drawing to hook the children in!
  • They are easy and fun to use, providing a purposeful opportunity for speaking and listening in your classroom.
  •  Provide opportunities for children to develop speaking and listening skills.
  • Children can record their answers, arguments and opinions as well as descriptions, explanations and narratives.
  • Recordings of words and sentences can be used to prepare children for writing and transcribing.
  • Children can practise speaking audibly and fluently.
  • Use to apply phonics and spelling knowledge and skills.

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