Abili Sensory Stepping Stones

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The Sensory Stepping stone Balance Pods are the ideal tool for proprioception, reducing tactile defensiveness, and coordination therapy.
The Sensory Stepping Stones are supplied as a pack of 6,this creates endless possibilities to aid development skills such as balance,gross motor skills etc.
These Balance Sensory Stepping Stones have a bumpy surface that provide feet with input as a child walks barefoot.
  • The Balance Pods can also be weighted down with water.
  • The set contains six Sensory Stepping Stones Dynamic Sensory Stepping Stones made of soft yet durable vinyl and used for improving body awareness and stabilisation.
  • Each Sensory Stepping Stones is 3" high and 6" wide.
  • Walk or jump from one stone to another with the flat side down or increase the challenge by using the rounded side down.
  • Colors may vary.

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