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The Activity Ball Collection is a delightful assortment of soft and washable balls designed to engage children in sensory exploration and play. Here are the key features of this collection:

  • Velvety Soft Texture: Children will enjoy the velvety soft texture of these colourful balls, making them perfect for rolling, throwing, and squeezing. The softness of the balls provides a gentle tactile experience for little hands.

  • Interactive Features: Each ball in the collection is adorned with a variety of stimulating features, including jingling bells, soft crinkles, rattling beads, and more. These interactive elements enhance sensory stimulation and captivate children's interest during playtime.

  • Colourful Design: With their super-bright colours, the balls are visually appealing and attractive to young children. The vibrant hues stimulate visual perception and encourage exploration.

  • Sensory Awareness: Tots can touch, toss, and squeeze the balls, promoting sensory awareness and fine motor skills development. As they interact with the different textures and sounds, they enhance their sensory perception and cognitive abilities.

  • Machine-Washable: Parents and caregivers will appreciate that the balls are fully machine-washable, ensuring easy cleaning and maintenance. This feature adds convenience and practicality to the play experience, allowing for worry-free fun.

  • Set of 6: The collection includes a set of 6 sensory balls, offering variety and versatility in play. The largest ball measures 40cm, providing ample size for tactile exploration and manipulation.

Overall, the Activity Ball Collection provides a multi-sensory play experience that promotes engagement, exploration, and skill development in young children. With its soft texture, interactive features, vibrant colours, and easy-to-clean design, it offers endless opportunities for fun and learning.

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