Activity Motor Skills Cube

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The Activity Motor Skills Cube has Seven sides of hands-on fun and games which includes memory game, activity loops, puzzles and more.
The Activity Motor Skills Cube will help develop fine motor skills, shape and colour recognition as well as logical thinking.
in addition to the bead rollercoaster, puzzle, labyrinth, and push-button games, young children can simultaneously learn the alphabet and deepen their understanding of numbers.
This finely-detailed Activity Motor Skills Cube offers toddlers variety and guarantees hours of playtime.
Boredom doesn't have a chance!

  • Constructed from quality wood to ensure durability in busy settings.
  • This motor activity cube promises playtime fun and learning effects on 7 different sides With the memory game, motor skills labyrinth and bead maze, picture puzzle, and abacus, children will train their fine motor skills Kids will also learn about everyday objects such as vehicles and types of fruit
  • Promotes the development of fine and gross motor skills, hand-eye coordination, playful learning, and comprehension of quantities
  • An ideal and exciting activity for children aged 12 months and up!

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