Advancing Phonics Word Work Small Group Set

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Advancing Phonics Word Work Small Group Set

The Advancing Phonics Word Work Small Group Set is designed to help young learners build, blend, and segment words using the phonics approach. This ready-to-use interactive set provides all the necessary tools for hands-on literacy skills practice, making it ideal for small group instruction in classrooms.

Key Features:

  • Comprehensive Word Work Tools: Includes magnetic activity trays, durable magnetic tiles, and engaging activity mats to support various phonics activities.
  • Interactive and Engaging: The set comes with 5 double-sided write-on/wipe-off Activity Mats that cover blending, sound matching, phonics skills, word building, spelling, and more.
  • Colour-Coded Magnetic Tiles: Foam magnetic tiles are colour-coded and feature consonants, vowels, hearts, and blank tiles, allowing for customised word work. Each set includes 83 grapheme tiles and 29 blank tiles.
  • Magnetic Dry-Erase Trays: Each tray is magnetic and dry-erase, perfect for keeping tiles in place and for frustration-free word work aligned with the Science of Reading approach.

What's Included:

  • 6 Magnetic Dry-Erase Activity Trays: Provide a stable surface for word building and can be used with the included activity mats.
  • 672 Magnetic Grapheme Tiles: Includes 6 sets of 112 tiles (consonants, vowels, hearts, and blank tiles) for extensive word-building possibilities.
  • 30 Double-Sided Dry-Erase Activity Mats: 6 sets of 5 mats, each covering different phonics topics such as blending, sound matching, and word building.
  • Teacher’s Guide: Offers instructions and ideas for using the set to maximize learning and engagement.

Educational Benefits:

  • Builds Phonics Skills: Helps children develop a solid foundation in phonics by practising building, blending, and segmenting words.
  • Encourages Hands-On Learning: Engages young learners with interactive and tactile activities that make learning to read and spell fun and effective.
  • Supports Customisation: Blank tiles in each colour allow for customisation, adapting the set to meet specific learning needs.
  • Promotes Literacy Development: Aligns with the Science of Reading approach, supporting effective literacy instruction.


  • Place an Activity Mat on the Tray: The rim of the tray keeps tiles contained, ensuring a focused and frustration-free learning experience.
  • Interactive Word Work: Use the magnetic tiles on the dry-erase trays and activity mats to engage in various phonics activities, from blending sounds to building words.

The Advancing Phonics Word Work Small Group Set is an invaluable resource for teaching phonics and literacy skills. Its comprehensive, interactive, and customisable components make it ideal for small group instruction, helping children develop strong reading and spelling foundations.

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