Agate Slices Pack Of 6

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These Agate Slices are not only visually stimulating but also offer a tactile experience. Kids can explore the smooth texture and varying sizes of each slice, engaging their sense of touch and promoting sensory play.
Being thin slices, these agate crystals allow light to pass through them, creating a mesmerizing effect when placed on a light box. Watch as the vibrant colours glow and illuminate, providing a captivating visual experience for children of all ages.

Whether used in a classroom, sensory room, or at home, the Agate Slices Pack of 6 offers endless learning possibilities. Encourage children to group the slices by colour, match them with objects of similar shades, or even create beautiful art projects by arranging the slices in different patterns.

Crafted with attention to detail, these agate slices are of the highest quality and will withstand constant handling. Their durability ensures they will remain a long-lasting addition to any sensory play or educational setting.

Ignite a passion for colour recognition and sensory exploration with the Agate Slices Pack of 6. Let children discover the beauty of crystals and unleash their creativity while enjoying the therapeutic and educational benefits these slices have to offer.

  • Develop colour recognition with the beautiful
  • Agate Slices Pack of 6 slices.
  • Contents will vary due to the nature of the product.
  • Age Suitability: 3 years +

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