All About Me Mirror Boards Pack Of 4

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All About Me Mirror Boards Pack of 4

Build self-awareness and promote social and emotional development with the All About Me Mirror Boards. This versatile pack of 4 mirror boards is an essential tool for About Me themed lessons and activities, designed to help children explore their facial features and emotions in a fun and educational way.

Key Features of All About Me Mirror Boards:

  • Double-Sided Design: Each board features a regular mirror on one side and a write & wipe panel with an outlined face on the other. This design allows children to observe their reflections and then draw matching facial features on the outlined face.
  • Educational Benefits: These mirror boards are excellent for promoting self-awareness, sharpening observation skills, and developing speech and language abilities. They provide a hands-on approach to learning about oneself and understanding emotions.
  • Interactive Learning: By looking at their reflections and drawing what they see, children can better understand their own expressions and feelings, making these boards a valuable tool for social and emotional learning.
  • Reusable Surface: The wipe-clean panel ensures that children can draw and erase their features as many times as needed, encouraging repeated practice and learning.
  • Perfect Size: Each board measures 12cm in diameter, making them easy for small hands to handle and manipulate.

Uses of All About Me Mirror Boards:

  • Promoting Self-Awareness: Children can learn more about their own faces and expressions, helping them to develop a sense of identity.
  • Sharpening Observation Skills: By closely observing their reflections, children enhance their ability to notice details and replicate them accurately.
  • Developing Speech and Language: Describing their facial features and emotions helps improve children's vocabulary and communication skills.
  • Fun and Engaging: The interactive nature of these boards makes learning about emotions and self-awareness enjoyable and engaging for young learners.

Product Specifications:

  • Set Includes: 4 double-sided mirror boards
  • Board Dimensions: Each board measures 12cm in diameter
  • Material: Durable, wipe-clean surface for repeated use
  • Age Recommendation: Suitable for young children in early learning environments

Enhance your About Me lessons with the All About Me Mirror Boards Pack of 4. This engaging educational tool supports self-awareness, emotional development, and observational skills, making it a must-have for any early years classroom. Order your set today and watch as children learn to recognize and express their emotions with confidence

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