Animal Stacking Cups

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Introducing the Animal Stacking Cups toy, a vibrant and engaging set that will provide hours of educational fun for your pre-schooler! This colourful set features cheerful animal designs on each cup, making learning an exciting adventure.

With this fantastic set, your child will have endless opportunities for development and growth. As they play with these stacking cups, they will expand their vocabulary and learn about sizes and cause-and-effect.

The Animal Stacking Cups toy consists of 9 play pieces, each one carefully designed to captivate your child's attention and stimulate their imagination. With a variety of cute animals represented on the cups, your little one can practice identifying and naming different animals, building their vocabulary and language skills.

But that's not all - these cups are also a great tool for teaching your child about sizes and spatial awareness. They can stack the cups from largest to smallest, experimenting with different combinations and discovering the principles of cause-and-effect as the cups topple over or create a stable structure.

Ideal for both solo and group play, these animal stacking cups provide a range of activities for your child to explore. They can stack the cups into towers, nest them inside each other, or even use them in imaginative play scenarios involving their animal friends.

Crafted with durability in mind, these cups are built to withstand the energetic play of pre-schoolers. Made from high-quality materials, they are safe, easy to clean, and designed to last.

Enhance your child's learning and playtime with the Animal Stacking Cups toy. With its cheerful animal designs and endless developmental opportunities, this set is a perfect addition to any playroom or preschool environment.

  • Consists of 9 play pieces.
  • Dimensions: W 10cm x H 50cm x L 10cm
  • Weight:
  • Suitable for children from: 12 Months +

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