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Artie Max™ The Coding Robot

Take creative coding to the max with the new Artie Max™ The Coding Robot! Artie Max brings coding and STEM learning to life by converting the code programmed in its simple user interface (UI) into real line drawings in up to three different colours. Designed to make coding engaging and fun, Artie Max is perfect for young coders ready to learn and explore five different coding languages.

Key Features:

  • Multi-Language Coding: Kids can learn to code in five languages - Blockly, Snap!, JavaScript, Python, and C++ - through fun and creative activities.
  • Interactive Drawing: Artie Max translates code into line drawings on A4 paper, using three onboard washable markers (blue, green, and pink). It works with any markers that are 8mm-10.5mm in diameter.
  • LED Light-Up Eyes and Mouth: Artie Max’s colour-changing LED eyes and mouth add an extra layer of fun, allowing kids to program light shows and facial expressions.
  • Easy Start for Beginners: First-time coders can use the Remote Control mode, while beginners can start with drag-and-drop coding options like Blockly, Snap!, or Artie Max’s own UI.
  • Text-Based Coding: For more advanced users, Artie Max supports text-based coding in JavaScript, Python, and C++.

How It Works:

  • Built-In Wi-Fi: Connect to Artie Max’s built-in Wi-Fi using a tablet or computer to access the simple UI via a browser. Artie Max does not connect to the internet while in use and does not collect user data.
  • Programming and Drawing: Program your design in the UI, set Artie Max on a sheet of A4 paper, and press Run to see Artie Max draw. Use the simulation mode to preview and debug designs if needed.
  • Easy Charging: Artie Max comes with a built-in rechargeable battery and a micro USB data cable for easy charging and downloading updates from


  • Dimensions: 17.5 cm (H) x 17 cm (W)
  • Included Accessories: Three onboard washable markers, micro USB data cable
  • Battery: Built-in rechargeable battery
  • Safety and Compliance: Artie Max is designed with safety in mind and adheres to all necessary compliance standards.

Artie Max is an innovative tool that combines creative expression with coding education. Its engaging activities and versatile coding options make it a perfect companion for young learners eager to explore the world of programming and STEM. Get started with Artie Max and inspire the next generation of coders today!

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