Assorted Big Buttons Pack Of 90

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Assorted Big Buttons Pack of 90

The Assorted Big Buttons pack of 90 is an excellent resource for threading, sorting, classifying, and various early numeracy activities. This pack contains large, colourful buttons in a variety of shapes and sizes, making it ideal for aiding colour recognition, developing fine motor skills, and enhancing hand/eye coordination.

Key Features:

  • Multifunctional Use: Perfect for threading, sorting, classifying, and early numeracy activities.
  • Colour Recognition: Bright, assorted colours help children learn and identify different colours.
  • Fine Motor Skills: Enhances fine motor skills and hand/eye coordination as children thread and manipulate the buttons.
  • Variety of Shapes: Includes 8 different shapes, providing a range of learning opportunities and tactile experiences.
  • Large Size: Buttons have an average diameter of 5cm, making them easy for little hands to handle and manipulate.


  • Educational Value: Supports early learning in sorting, classifying, colour recognition, and numeracy.
  • Skill Development: Promotes the development of fine motor skills, hand/eye coordination, and dexterity.
  • Engaging and Fun: Bright colours and varied shapes make learning engaging and enjoyable for young children.
  • Versatile Resource: Can be used in a variety of educational settings, from classrooms to home learning environments.

Product Specifications:

  • Pack Includes: 90 big buttons in assorted shapes and colours.
  • Shapes: 8 different shapes.
  • Average Diameter: 5cm per button.
  • Weight: 454g pack.

Usage Ideas:

  • Threading Activities: Children can thread the buttons onto string or laces, enhancing their fine motor skills and hand/eye coordination.
  • Sorting and Classifying: Use the buttons to sort and classify by colour, shape, or size, helping children develop analytical and categorization skills.
  • Colour Matching: Encourage children to match buttons by colour, promoting colour recognition and visual discrimination.
  • Numeracy Activities: Incorporate the buttons into early numeracy activities, such as counting, addition, and subtraction exercises.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Mathematical Understanding: Helps children understand concepts of sorting, classifying, and early numeracy.
  • Fine Motor Skills: Enhances fine motor skills and dexterity through threading and manipulation.
  • Colour and Shape Recognition: Promotes recognition and identification of different colours and shapes.
  • Analytical Skills: Develops sorting and classifying skills through interactive and engaging activities.


The Assorted Big Buttons Pack of 90 is a versatile and engaging educational resource designed to support early learning in colour recognition, sorting, classifying, and numeracy. With a variety of shapes and bright colours, these large buttons are perfect for enhancing fine motor skills, hand/eye coordination, and analytical thinking in young children. Ideal for use in classrooms, nurseries, and home learning environments, this pack provides endless opportunities for interactive and enjoyable learning.

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