Aurora Uv Chameleon

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Our UV chameleon lighting set is self adhesive and means you can stick it to the wall and out of reach of hands,the UV Light strip measures 5 metres.
Perfect if you put it on the top of the wall just below the ceiling as it chases the room perfectly.
A fantastic alternative to UV light bars as these are light weight and stick to walls and cupboards and even in dark dens without any fuss.
Simply unravel the strip and stick to your chosen area,walls,floors or where ever you choose and away you go.
  • Powered by remote control you can also store in the memory your chosen light patterns.
  • 60 high output LEDs per metre
  • Ultraviolet light output
  • Self-adhesive backing for easy installation
  • IP65 rated
  • 5 Metres Length
  • Powered by 12Vdc (min.3.5A per reel)
  • Supplied with easy-to-use connection accessories

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