Aurora Water Marbles

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Go colour crazy with the Aurora Water Marbles with a whopping 10000 pieces per bag The Aurora Water Marbles are made from a super absorbent polymer which expands when added to water! Children can learn important hand-eye coordination skills from playing with objects of different textures, especially these squishy sensory beads that move and appear to take on colour from objects around them.
There are so many fun ways to play with these colourful sensory water mables delights! Some fun ideas:

  • Mix up 2 or 3 colours and see who can separate them into single colour bowls the fastest.
  • Drop some small objects like tumbled stones or coins under water beads and try to find them all.
  • Glow sticks under beads look magical and keep kids entertained for ages! Bounce them off different surfaces.
  • Add some watercolour paints and roll the beads across a canvas for an interesting effect.
  • Hold up a bead and look through in amazement as the world turns upside down.
  • Watch the first phase of expanding as they take on a unique rippled ‘brain’ shape for a short time.

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