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Introduce your child to the soothing world of tactile therapy with our innovative Sensory Mittens, the perfect solution for little explorers who love to experience the world through their hands. These sensory mittens are designed to satisfy the natural urges of chewing, biting, and self-exploration in a safe and sensory-enriching way.

By simply slipping on these mittens, children are immediately provided with a comforting sensory output. The mittens feature tactile tentacles that captivate and engage, offering a unique texture that children will be delighted to explore. The super soft tactile tentacles on the sensory mitten are designed not only for enjoyment but also for therapeutic benefits.

Sensory mittens are an excellent tool for desensitizing skin that may have overly sensitive areas. They empower children to gently stroke their own arms, back, or face at their own pace, in a pressure-free environment. This self-directed sensory exploration can help reduce behaviors such as biting, chewing of hands, and thumb sucking by providing an appropriate sensory input that satisfies their needs.

Key Features:

  • Tactile Exploration: The mittens are equipped with soft, tactile tentacles that stimulate sensory engagement and exploration.
  • Therapeutic Benefits: Designed to desensitize sensitive skin and provide a soothing sensory experience, helping to reduce biting, chewing, and thumb sucking.
  • Self-Directed Therapy: Allows children to control their sensory experience, encouraging independence and self-soothing techniques.
  • Versatile Use: Suitable for stroking over arms, back, or face, offering a comforting and calming sensory input.
  • Colour Variations: Available in various colours (please note, colours may vary), making each mitten a surprise and adding to the sensory exploration.
  • One Size Supplied: Each pack comes with one mitten, making it easy to start your sensory journey.

Our Sensory Mittens are more than just a toy; they are a soft touch of tactile therapy that offers comfort, exploration, and sensory regulation. Perfect for children who seek sensory input, these mittens provide a safe and effective way to explore textures and sensations, paving the way for calm and focused growth.

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