Baby Moves Toddler Tumbler

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Introducing the Baby Moves Toddler Tumbler — the ultimate large obstacle that invites toddlers to engage in adventurous climbing! This innovative piece is specifically designed to be an irresistible challenge for little ones, encouraging them to scramble over and explore to their heart's content.

The Toddler Tumbler is more than just a climbing obstacle; it's a tool for developmental growth. It aids in improving balance and coordination, and facilitates the cross-lateral movements of the arms and legs. As toddlers navigate over the Tumbler, they're not only having a blast but also enhancing their physical abilities and motor skills.

Constructed with safety and durability in mind, the Toddler Tumbler is crafted to withstand the energetic play of young children. Its design ensures that while toddlers are climbing and exploring, they are doing so in a safe and controlled environment. This makes the Baby Moves Toddler Tumbler an excellent addition to any play area, childcare setting, or home where fostering physical development and exploration is a priority.

Dive into the world of fun and developmental growth with the Baby Moves Toddler Tumbler, where every climb enriches a toddler's journey towards mastering their balance, coordination, and motor skills.

  • Creates a sense of achievement when they reach the other side.
  • Detailed activity sheet included.
  • Size: L650 x W490 x H250mm

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