Backyard Bugs Set Of 72

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Transform your little one's learning experience into an engaging exploration with our Backyard Bugs Set of 72. This captivating collection of colourful, creepy-crawly counters makes sorting, counting, and patterning activities an adventure filled with fun. Featuring an assortment of grasshoppers, bumblebees, beetles, spiders, dragonflies, and caterpillars, these counters bring the wonders of the backyard into your learning environment.

The Backyard Bugs Set Of 72 are crafted from soft rubber, these tactile bug counters are designed for small hands to easily grasp, sort, and count. Each bug type comes in six vibrant colours, adding a bright and inviting aspect to educational play. Packaged in a handy reusable storage bucket, this set not only promises endless fun but also easy clean-up and storage.

Backyard Bugs Set Of 72 Features:

  • Bug-Themed Learning: Embark on a bug-themed adventure that turns sorting, counting, and patterning into exciting activities.
  • Soft Plastic Construction: Made from soft rubber, these bug counters are safe and comfortable for little hands to handle, promoting fine motor skill development.
  • Colourful Variety: Includes six different bugs in six colours, offering a wide range of sorting and counting possibilities that help develop early mathematical skills.
  • Comprehensive Set: With a set of 72 pieces, there are plenty of counters for individual play or group activities, encouraging social skills and cooperative learning.
  • Educational Play: Ideal for developing early counting, sorting, and patterning skills, these bug counters combine fun with educational value, making learning a joyous activity.

The Backyard Bugs Set of 72 is the perfect educational tool for parents, teachers, and caregivers looking to enhance early learning with a touch of whimsy. These bug counters not only stimulate mathematical thinking but also encourage curiosity about the natural world, making them a wonderful addition to any educational setting or playroom.

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