Baff Bombz Solar System

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Transform bath time into an interstellar journey with the Baff Bombz Solar System! This extraordinary set brings the cosmos right into your bathtub, making for a magical and educational bathing experience. Each of the nine fizzing bath bombs represents a planet in our solar system, turning your bath water into a vibrant, bubbling universe of colour and fun.

As you drop these cosmic Baff Bombz into the water, watch in awe as they fizz and dissolve, changing the water's colour and creating a captivating spectacle. It's not just about the visual delight; this set is also a fantastic sensory experience, appealing to children and adults who love to immerse themselves in the wonders of space.

Key Features:

  • Colourful Bath Time Adventure: Each Baff Bomb fizzles into a display of colours, turning ordinary bath water into an extraordinary planetary spectacle.
  • Educational Experience: Accompanied by Planetary Fact Cards, this set combines fun with learning, offering fascinating insights into each planet represented by the bath bombs.
  • Skin Safe & Drain Safe: Formulated to be kind to skin and safe for drains, ensuring a worry-free bath time for parents and fun for kids.
  • Easy Clean & Stain Free: Designed for hassle-free clean-up, these bath bombs leave no residue or staining, making them as convenient as they are fun.
  • Eco-Friendly: All Baff Bombz are biodegradable, reflecting a commitment to environmental sustainability without compromising on enjoyment.


  • 9 x 35g Baff Bombz: Each bath bomb represents a different planet in our solar system, for a complete cosmic adventure.
  • Planetary Fact Cards: Learn about the solar system with engaging fact cards, providing educational value to match the fun.

The Baff Bombz Solar System set is the perfect sensory gift for any budding astronomer or anyone who loves a splash of fun in their bath time routine. Dive into a universe of colour, learning, and relaxation with these skin-safe, eco-friendly bath bombs that promise an out-of-this-world experience every bath time.

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