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Embark on an adventurous journey of balance and exploration with the Sensory Balance Beams Set 2. This meticulously designed set is a vibrant fusion of fun and developmental play, tailored to enhance balance skills and encourage collaborative play among children. Featuring a unique combination of a blue and orange central linking island and five distinctively designed balance beams, this set promises a rich, tactile experience.

The Sensory Balance Beams Set 2 includes:

  • Step Balance Board: A straightforward challenge to begin with, perfect for initial balancing attempts.
  • Irregular Balance Board: Offers a varied surface for a slightly trickier balancing act, stimulating problem-solving skills.
  • Hill Balance Board: Mimics the gentle rise and fall of a hill, encouraging children to adjust their balance accordingly.
  • Rock Balance Board: Simulates the unevenness of a rocky path, providing a more challenging balancing task.
  • High-Low Balance Board: Features varying heights to navigate, adding an extra level of difficulty to balance and coordination efforts.

Each balance board measures 96 x 20 cm, while the central linking island offers a substantial 80 x 80 cm space for creative configuration and play. The Sensory Balance Beams Set 2 is an ideal tool for developing crucial skills:

  • Balance: Enhances core stability and coordination, laying the foundation for physical activity and sports.
  • Collaborative Play: Encourages teamwork and communication as children navigate the beams together, fostering social skills.

Key Features:

  • Easy Assembly: With no screws or complicated assembly required, the set is ready for play with a simple click-and-go setup.
  • Durable Construction: Crafted from plywood, the beams offer both strength and flexibility, ensuring a safe and lasting play experience.
  • Tactile Surfaces: The upper sections of the balance boards are adorned with various shapes filled with soft foam, providing a tactile exploration aspect to the balancing act.

Available in three different sets, the Sensory Balance Beams Set 2 stands out for its unique combination of developmental benefits and playful design. It is an exceptional resource for parents, educators, and therapists seeking to enrich the sensory environment of their children or students, promoting not just physical but also cognitive and social development.

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