Bath Water Flutes

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Dive into a musical adventure with the Bath Water Flutes, real musical instruments designed for the tub or any water-based play. These innovative flutes allow children to explore the enchanting world of music and sound through the simple act of filling them with different amounts of water to achieve a variety of tones. It's a hands-on experiment that not only entertains but educates, offering a unique opportunity to understand the principles of music and acoustics in a fun and interactive way.

Key Features:

  • Real Musical Experience: These are genuine flutes that can be tuned with water, providing a tangible and engaging musical experience.
  • Educational Play: Children will love discovering how varying water levels affect the sound produced by the flutes, offering a playful introduction to musical notes and sound frequencies.
  • Versatile Sounds: By filling the flutes with different amounts of water, kids can create a wide range of sounds and tones, encouraging creativity and exploration in music making.
  • 1 Supplied: Each pack contains one Bath Water Flute, perfect for solo performances or as part of a water-based band with friends or siblings.

The Bath Water Flutes transform bath time into an interactive learning experience, encouraging children to discover and explore the joy of music. Ideal for young musicians aged 3 years and up, these flutes are not only a source of entertainment but also a tool for developing auditory skills, enhancing coordination, and fostering a love for music. Whether in the bathtub, swimming pool, or any water play area, the Bath Water Flutes promise endless fun and musical exploration.

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