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The Bean Bag Collection is a must-have for any educational setting or playroom. This collection includes four different complete sets of Alphabet Bean Bags, Colour Bean Bags, Number Bean Bags, and Shape Bean Bags, providing endless learning opportunities for children.

The Alphabet Bean Bags set features 26 soft and cuddly bean bags, each showcasing a different letter of the alphabet. This set not only helps children practice letter recognition but also encourages them to engage in fun and interactive letter games.

The Colour Bean Bags set consists of 10 vibrant bean bags in various colors, allowing children to explore and understand different shades and hues. Perfect for teaching color recognition and matching skills, these bean bags add a sensory element to any learning activity.

The Number Bean Bags set comprises 20 bean bags, each displaying a different numeral from 0 to 9. These bags are ideal for teaching basic counting, number recognition, and even simple math operations such as addition and subtraction.

Last but not least, the Shape Bean Bags set introduces young learners to various shapes such as circles, squares, triangles, and rectangles. With 12 soft bean bags featuring different shapes, children can develop their spatial awareness and geometrical understanding through hands-on play.

All four sets of bean bags are neatly stored in a convenient storage bucket, making cleanup and organization a breeze. These high-quality bean bags are made from durable materials, ensuring lasting use even in the most active play environments.

Bring the joy of learning into your space with the Bean Bag Collection. Whether used in educational settings, daycare centers, or at home, these bean bags provide a fun and engaging way for children to enhance their cognitive and motor skills.

Bean Bag Collection

  • Alphabet Bean Bags
  • Colour Bean Bags
  • Shape Bean Bags

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