Big Bumper Box Of Fun Blue

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Break open this big blue bumper box of fun, and discover a treasure trove of toys waiting inside! Each box is absolutely jam-packed with 15 toys including slime, figures, keyrings and a whole lot more.

The RRP of the contents is over £20, so you're guaranteed to save at least 25% on the cost of the individual items.

The Big Bumper Box of Fun Blue is an incredible gift in itself, but is also extremely handy for stocking fillers, scavenger hunts, party game prizes, and just about any other occasion that requires a large haul of toys.

Take a look below to find a full list of everything you can expect to find inside your Big Bumper Box of Fun Blue.
Big Bumper Box of Fun contains:

  • Alien Fossil Egg
  • Glow In The Dark DIY Galaxy Slime Kit
  • Rainbow Poo Balloon Ball
  • Squeeze Beaded Poo
  • Alien Squeeze Egg
  • Mud Skull Toilet Noise Putty
  • Twist Movers Metal
  • Grow Turtle
  • Small Egg Jaw-Some Poppers
  • Squeezy Poo
  • Alien Keyring
  • Shark Poo Including Shark Flash Floating Shark Bath Toy
  • 6-inch Farm Animal
  • Figure Dinosaur
  • Water Wriggler

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