Big Eyed Borris

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Big Eyed Borris: The Ultimate Fidget Toy

Big Eyed Borris is a delightful and engaging fidget toy that children will love. With its rubbery body made of long, flexible spikes, it provides a unique tactile experience that invites manipulation and exploration. Once in their hands, children will find it hard to put Borris down.

Tactile Exploration:

  • Unique Texture: Big Eyed Borris features long, flexible spikes that children will enjoy stroking with their fingertips, providing endless tactile exploration.
  • Fine Motor Skills: It serves as an excellent tool for basic exercises in fine motor skills, helping children develop these crucial abilities through play.

Soothing and Calming:

  • Soothing Fidget: Borris can be used as a soothing fidget toy, perfect for calming and promoting a relaxed mindset.
  • Stress Relief: It helps relieve stress and anxiety, making it a fantastic tool for both children and adults.

Learning Aid:

  • Enhances Focus: Many children and adults need motion to learn effectively. Big Eyed Borris provides something for their hands to do, enabling them to focus better and absorb information more productively.
  • Engages the Brain: By addressing sensory needs and engaging the whole brain, it helps improve focus and concentration.

Practical Benefits:

  • Safe and Useful: Borris is very safe to use and can help prevent children from messing with things they shouldn't be touching. It's a beneficial addition to any learning environment.
  • Portable: As a fantastic pocket-money value fidget toy, it's easy to carry around and have on hand whenever needed.


  • Colours: Available in five assorted colours, which may vary.
  • Dimensions: Designed to fit comfortably in children's hands, making it easy to manipulate and enjoy.


Big Eyed Borris may look like a simple toy, but it is an excellent learning tool. It helps children and adults alike to focus, relieve stress, and engage in tactile exploration. Whether used during fine motor skill exercises or as a calming fidget toy, Borris is a versatile and valuable addition to any home or classroom. Promote a relaxed mindset, improve focus, and address sensory needs with this safe and engaging fidget toy. Get your Big Eyed Borris today and see the difference it can make

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