Big Pegboard

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The Big Pegboard and 25 coloured pegs help to create or follow designs and patterns.
The colourful plastic pegs fit easily into the 10mm holes on the big pegboard.
Small children and those with motor difficulties will find that the size and shape of the pegs makes them easy to manipulate.
Each peg has a hole for threading activities and they can be stacked for block graph, sequencing and 1 to 5 abacus work.
  • Peg boards can help children develop their fine motor skills (different finger grips, grasping objects,and finger strength) as they play.
  • Fine motor skills are essential for performing everyday skills like managing clothing fastenings, cleaning teeth and pencil skills.
  • Confidence in these skills develops with repeated experience of them.
  • They may also help children develop sorting and colour matching skills.
  • Size 27 x 27cm

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