Brain Tools Imagine Tangle

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With latex-free rubberized and textured bumps, the BrainTools Imagine is perfect for fidgeting anytime, anywhere!
With its bright and vibrant colours, the Imagine is the latest addition to the Tangle family of fun educational toys!
This twistable therapy device offers an ergonomic approach to minor stress and anxiety relief, smoking cessation, hand therapy, building fine motor skills, and other therapeutic uses.
The soft, texturized rubber bumps on this Tangle provide a unique sensory and tactile experience in your hands.
The continuous motion is calming and relaxing.
The Tangle BrainTools Imagine promotes fidget to focus.

Fidgeting and fiddling during stressful times can soothe nerves and anxiety, improve body control, increase focus and concentration and offer a calming effect Why our customers love Tangles - It is one of the best fidget toys you can buy - the quality is excellent, and the colours are vibrant It does more to engage children and adults than regular non-fidget toys

  • It can act as a learning aid in classrooms
  • It can improve hand muscles and help with fine motor control development
  • They help to dispel anxiety through its ability to offer continuous movement
  • It can help children and adults break bad habits such as nail biting and nose picking
  • It is quiet and very non-disruptive

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