Bumper Fidget Box 24 Piece

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Introducing the Bumper Fidget Box 24 Piece, an exciting assortment of 24 engaging items designed to keep fidgeting fingers entertained. Whether you need a stash of toys for a party or event, this box offers incredible value and convenience. Perfect for anyone who has difficulty staying still, these fidget toys are also excellent for countering stress and anxiety.


  • Stress Relief: Ideal for managing stress and anxiety.
  • Improved Concentration: Useful for individuals with learning and concentration difficulties.
  • Fine Motor Skills: Aids in the development of fine motor control skills.
  • Sensory Engagement: Some toys are UV reactive, adding an extra sensory dimension.

Box Contents:

  • Four Sticky Crawlers
  • Heart Push Popper
  • Two Bendy Fidget Tubes
  • Four Woven Boink Bouncers
  • Two Fidget Tracks
  • Four Football Finger Spinners
  • Two Stretchy Unicorn Bracelets
  • Pea Pod Push Popper
  • Two Stretch Ropes
  • Spinning Top

This Bumper Fidget Box 24 Piece is a collection of popular bestsellers, making it a fantastic value for money. It even came 3rd in the 'Blog On Toy Awards' in the 'Collectables' category. So, get ready to stretch, squish, spin, and bounce with this incredible assortment of fidget toys!

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