Children'S Ear Defenders

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Ideal for children with Autism and Sensory Processing issues, who are sensitive to noise and certain sounds.
The Children's Ear Defenders are designed to not only reduce noise but are comfortable and user-friendly.
The Children's Ear Defenders offer children a quiet "time out" to regroup, reducing behaviour issues and relieves stress and anxiety.
  • These ear defenders will block out sound in the classroom and enable a child to focus and concentrate, rather than being distracted by surrounding noise or conversations.
  • They can also help to reduce stress or anxiety by avoiding sensory overload.
  • In high-noise areas, ear muffs protect the hearing of both students and staff
  • ABS plastic ear cups hold up to continued usage in high-use settings
  • Adjustable headband
  • Rugged polypropylene head strap
  • Ideal for special needs

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