Childrens Therapy Body Exercise Ball

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Our fantastic Childrens Therapy Body Exercise ball is a great exercise and therapy tool.
The Childrens Therapy Body Exercise ball is made from a durable material and with anti burst technology the ball will be sure to last and provide fun and exercise for years to come.
Therapy balls are wonderful, fun, and highly therapeutic.
They strengthen core muscles, and provide great seating options for kids and adults who need to wiggle.
Use as a balance ball when fully inflated to develop proper posture and sitting habits, and for children who are sensory seekers and need a good bounce.
Children who are sensory under-responsive and need good positioning for their core will also enjoy using this.
Partially deflate your therapy ball and use it for your sensory over-responsive kids who need to calm down.
While partially deflated, this oversized therapy ball provides a calm space for sitting.
The therapy exercise ball is a great way to help with: Balancing excercises and skill's Co-ordination skills Increased flexibility.
Enjoy the therapy ball as a safe and enjoyable way to get active.
Colours and styles may vary

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