Chillout Wibble Wobble Mat

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Dive into the sensory-rich world of the Inclu Chillout Mat, a cornerstone piece of our Inclu range designed to enhance the developmental journey of children. Known affectionately as the 'Wibble Wobble Mat,' this innovative accessory is a treasure trove of benefits for little explorers seeking to master balance, coordination, and body awareness in a playful, engaging manner.

Filled with soft foam chunks, the Chillout Mat's surface is deliberately uneven and lumpy, challenging children to navigate its contours and thereby significantly improving their motor control skills. This unique texture provides a dynamic environment for children to engage their senses fully, promoting an active learning process that is both fun and beneficial.

Yet, the magic of the Wibble Wobble Mat lies in its remarkable ability to combine sensory development with supreme comfort. Despite its textured surface, the mat is incredibly soft, thanks to its luxurious FR suede exterior and a supportive nylon and foam chunk interior. This makes it an inviting place for children to relax and unwind after high-energy activities, offering a soothing oasis that calms and rejuvenates.

Not only does the Wibble Wobble Mat shine as a standalone feature in any ChillOut Den, but it also serves as a versatile addition to reading corners, play areas, and any space dedicated to children's relaxation and learning. Its moisture-resistant construction ensures durability and ease of maintenance, making it a practical choice for busy environments.

Key Features:

  • A cherished part of the Inclu range, the 'Chillout Wibble Wobble Mat' offers an unparalleled sensory experience.
  • Crafted with an FR suede exterior for a touch of luxury, and filled with nylon plus soft foam chunks for comfort and stimulation.
  • Moisture-resistant, ensuring longevity and ease of care.
  • The uneven, lumpy surface challenges and aids in the development of balance, enhancing coordination skills and fostering body awareness.
  • Provides a comfortable, soft space that acts as a calming area, perfect for relaxation after stimulating play.
  • An ideal accessory for enhancing the ChillOut Den, reading corners, or any area designated for calm and focus.

With the Inclu Chillout Mat, children can enjoy a playful yet purposeful tool that nurtures their development while offering a sanctuary of comfort and calm. It's an essential addition to any space dedicated to fostering growth, learning, and well-being in children.

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