Christmas Splat Snowball

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No snow forecast? No problem! Bring the winter fun indoors with our Christmas Splat Snowball. This sticky-skinned snowball is filled with a mixture of liquid and swirling white 'snow', creating a satisfying splat when thrown against a wall or window.

Key Features:

  • Indoor Snow Fun: Perfect for creating a winter wonderland indoors, this Splat Snowball allows children to enjoy the fun of snowball fights regardless of the weather outside.

  • Reusable Design: The Splat Snowball reformulates its rotund shape after each throw, ready to be used again and again for endless indoor snowball fun.

  • Multi-functional: In addition to being a fun toy for throwing and splatting, this snowball also doubles as a stress ball, providing tactile relief for busy hands.

  • Individually Bagged: Each Splat Snowball comes individually bagged for easy storage and distribution. With a size of 6cm, it's just the right size for little hands to grip and throw.


  • Dimensions: 6cm diameter
  • Material: Made from a sticky-skinned material filled with a mixture of liquid and white 'snow'

Parental Note: While this Splat Snowball is designed for indoor use, ensure that it is used in a safe environment away from fragile objects. Supervise children during play to prevent misuse.

Bring the joy of a snowball fight indoors with our Christmas Splat Snowball. Whether thrown against a wall, used as a stress ball, or simply squished and squeezed for sensory satisfaction, it's sure to bring smiles and laughter to your indoor winter adventures.

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