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Introducing the CHUIT Bubble Block Chew – the innovative and fun solution for individuals who seek oral sensory stimulation. Designed to provide a satisfying chewing experience, this chewable block offers a safe and durable option for those with oral fidgeting habits.

The CHUIT Bubble Block Chew is thoughtfully crafted with a variety of textured surfaces, featuring bubbles on one side for a unique and engaging sensory experience. Whether seeking calming or stimulating sensory input, this chew block offers versatility to accommodate individual preferences.

Made from high-quality, medical-grade materials, the CHUIT Bubble Block Chew ensures durability, allowing for long-lasting use. Unlike traditional chewing tools, this block-shaped chew provides a discreet and stylish option that can be worn around the neck or kept in a pocket, allowing for easy access wherever and whenever needed.

Ideal for individuals of all ages, the CHUIT Bubble Block Chew is perfect for those with sensory processing challenges, oral fixations, or excessive thumb-sucking habits. By redirecting the urge to chew onto this safe and non-toxic block, it helps promote a healthier and more socially acceptable behavior.

Say goodbye to harmful habits and hello to a new and improved sensory experience with the CHUIT Bubble Block Chew. Take control of oral fidgeting tendencies and enjoy the benefits of a stylish and effective chewable that satisfies both the need for stimulation and the desire for self-expression.

Experience the sensory revolution with the CHUIT Bubble Block Chew - a game-changer in the world of oral fidget tools. Get yours today and elevate your sensory experience to new heights!

  • The CHUIT Bubble Block Chew Necklace is a sensory seeker's dream!
  • One side of the pendant features large bumps, while the other side has small bumps, offering a wide range of sensory input.
  • The pendant measures approximately 2.5" long, just over ½" wide, and just under ½" thick, making it ideal for reaching the back molars.
  • Choose from 3 color-coded toughness levels, catering to individual preferences for softer or firmer chews.
  • The necklace comes with an adjustable breakaway cord, ensuring safety by easily detaching when pulled too forcefully.


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