Chuit Chew Dog Tags

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Colour: Blue
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The CHUIT Chew Dog Tags is a classic dog tag shape, with thicker edges and thinner in the middle on a cotton cord approx 85cm long which can easily be cut to a desired length. 
A durable pendant – suitable for mild to moderate chewers. This chewing necklace is from our range of stylish chewing necklaces designed to look amazingly fashionable whilst discreetly serving the need to chew. The Dog tag chewing necklace helps provide valuable sensory input into the jaw through chewing & biting. 
Especially rewarding to babies, children and adults with Dementia/Alzheimer's, special needs, autism and sensory processing difficulties, who seek additional proprioceptive input into the jaw.
 Non-toxic & safe to chew, each Chew Dog Tag chewing necklace is securely looped on a long black breakaway safety cord that can be cut & adjusted to suit.
The Dog Tag chewy necklace is available in a fantastic range of shapes and colours.
The Dog Tag chewing necklace will satisfy many chewing and biting needs, and also fidgets, and can even be worn by trendy mums 'on the go' so that one always has a chewing aid to hand - you will wonder how you ever coped without one! 

One Tag supplied per necklace and you can add multiples to one necklace.

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