Chuit Tetrus Fidget Chew

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Looking for a fidget chew that combines style, practicality, and sensory benefits? Look no further than the CHUIT Tetrus Fidget Chew! This innovative chew tool is the ultimate sensory seeker's companion, offering a multitude of features to provide a satisfying and therapeutic chewing experience.

Featuring 4 uniquely textured arms, the CHUIT Tetrus Fidget Chew delivers a variety of chew sensations that cater to every individual's preferences. Whether you prefer the circular bump, ridged bumps, lined bumps, or zig-zag bumps, there's a texture for everyone. Say goodbye to boring chew tools and say hello to a world of sensory exploration!

But the benefits don't stop there. The CHUIT Tetrus Fidget Chew is intelligently designed to target the back molars, allowing for proprioceptive input. By engaging the jaw and masseter muscles, children can enjoy a satisfying workout while engaging in stimulating oral exploration. This not only promotes sensory regulation but also aids in focus and concentration.

Crafted with the highest quality food-grade silicone, the CHUIT Tetrus Fidget Chew guarantees durability and safety for children. Its stylish and compact design makes it a practical accessory that can be conveniently carried anywhere, ensuring sensory relief is always within reach.

Embrace a world of sensory satisfaction with the CHUIT Tetrus Fidget Chew. Experience the diverse chew sensations, engage in a jaw and muscle workout, and enjoy the style and functionality it brings to the table. Discover the perfect outlet for sensory seekers and revolutionize the way you satisfy your oral stimulation needs.

  • Not just a chew, the Tetra Fidget Chew also makes a great hand fidget! 
  • Put your pointer finger inside the hole and use your other hand to make it spin on your finger. 
  • Or, hold it in both hands by the circular extensions and twist to make it spin. 
  • It's great for increasing focus and practising fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination.

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