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The Classroom Break Box is an innovative solution designed to address the sensory and play needs of children in educational environments. Recognizing that children often become fidgety and restless, this sensory kit is equipped with a variety of toys and tools to help them refocus, calm down, and regulate their emotions through therapeutic play. Ideal for classrooms, this Break Box serves as an essential resource for teachers and caregivers, providing an array of options to support children in managing their sensory needs.

Contents of the Classroom Break Box:

  • Sensory Scarves: Lightweight and colourful, these scarves encourage exploration of movement and can be used in a variety of play activities to enhance gross motor skills.
  • Twirly Whirly Music Stick: A musical toy that captivates with its soothing sounds, promoting auditory stimulation and musical exploration.
  • Ear Defenders: Designed to reduce noise, these are perfect for children who are sensitive to loud sounds, helping them stay calm in noisy environments.
  • Thinking Putty: A pliable substance that can be stretched, squeezed, and moulded, offering tactile stimulation and promoting concentration.
  • Balance Cushion: An inflatable cushion that challenges balance and posture, ideal for sensory seating or physical coordination activities.
  • Liquid Timers: Two timers with captivating liquid motion offer a visual sensory experience and can be used for relaxation or time management.
  • LED Massager: Provides gentle light-up massage, offering visual and tactile stimulation for relaxation.
  • Spiky Massage Ball: Designed for tactile exploration, this ball can be used for self-massage, improving circulation and sensory awareness.
  • Massage Hand Roller: A tool for hand and finger massage, promoting relaxation and improving fine motor skills.
  • Puffer Worm: A stretchy, tactile toy that provides a unique sensory experience through touch.
  • Glitter Mesh Ball: Squeezable and sparkly, this ball engages visual and tactile senses, making it an excellent stress-relief tool.
  • Tangle Toy: A manipulative toy that can be twisted and turned, enhancing fine motor skills and providing a focus for fidgety hands.


  • Develops Fine Motor Skills: Many of the items in the box are designed to encourage manipulation and coordination, crucial for writing and other precise tasks.
  • Provides Calming Pressure: Tools like the balance cushion and massage ball offer proprioceptive input, known for its calming effects.
  • Enhances Hand-Eye Coordination: Toys that require visual tracking and manipulation, such as the liquid timers and Tangle Toy, improve hand-eye coordination.
  • Encourages Exploration of Tactile Feel: With a variety of textures and materials, the Break Box allows children to explore and understand different tactile sensations.
  • Supports Emotional Regulation: By offering a range of sensory experiences, the box helps children learn to self-regulate, manage anxiety, and calm themselves in stressful situations.

The Classroom Break Box is not only a collection of sensory toys but a comprehensive kit designed to support the sensory development, emotional regulation, and educational engagement of children. It stands as a valuable asset for any classroom, therapy setting, or home, offering children a way to express themselves, explore their senses, and develop essential skills through play.


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