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The Classroom Furniture Reading Corner Set is an indispensable addition to any educational setting, such as schools, nurseries, and libraries. Designed with versatility and flexibility in mind, this set can be utilised for a variety of purposes including seating for story time, storage, and play. Each piece within the set can be used together for a cohesive reading corner or individually to complement other items within the range, offering endless possibilities for creating an engaging learning environment.

The set includes 3 key pieces:

  • 1 x S4090 Kinderbox: Featuring 4 compartments, this Kinderbox is perfect for organising and storing books within easy reach of little hands. Dimensions: Height: 430mm, Width: 600mm, Depth: 420mm.
  • 1 x S-4050 Reading Corner Sofa: This multifunctional unit includes two seats with comfortable, washable cushions, ample storage space under the seating, and a central table/storage unit. It's designed to make reading time cosy and convenient. Dimensions: Height: 430mm, Front: 220mm, Length: 1020mm (Per Side), Depth: 420mm, with seat height and cushions at 171mm.
  • 1 x S-4100 Big Book Kinderbox: Ideal for storing larger books, this Kinderbox has four individual slots, ensuring that big books are kept tidy and accessible. Like the other components, it is made from 15mm covered MDF with bull-nosed polished edges for safety and durability. Dimensions: Height: 430mm, Width: 600mm, Depth: 420mm.


  • Versatile Use: Designed for reading, storage, and play, this set supports a wide range of activities crucial for childhood development.
  • Child-Friendly Design: All pieces are crafted from high-quality materials with safety in mind, featuring bull-nosed polished edges to prevent injuries.
  • Easy Assembly: Supplied in flat pack form, the set comes with straightforward assembly instructions, making it simple to set up.
  • Durable Materials: Constructed from 15mm covered MDF, the set is built to withstand the energetic use typical in educational environments.

This Classroom Furniture Reading Corner Set is more than just furniture; it's a comprehensive solution for creating a dedicated space for children to explore literature, engage in imaginative play, and learn in a comfortable setting. Its adaptability, combined with thoughtful design, makes it an essential component for fostering a love of reading and learning in young students.

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